Apply for Pocket WiFi Softbank

No. of Wi-Fi
Start date
End date
The fee for connection
Safety Insurance
Spare battery
Total price
Mailing address
Zip code
Phone Number
e-mail address
Method of picking
Pick-up time
Credit card
Card No.
Name of holder
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Agreed the service

Starting date

You may start your service on next day for reservations made before 17:00 on weekdays and 16:00 on weekends and holidays.
Please complete your reservation before 14:00 if you would like to pick up at the airport and start your service the next day.
The service will start two days after the reservation date for all reservations made after the times listed above.
For picking-ups in Hokkaido and Kyusyu, a one-day transportation time is required. The service will start one day later than the dates shown above.
※We don't ship WiFi router to Okinawa.

Please be noted that you may not cancel the contract during the rental period.

mustPlans Pocket WiFi SoftBank 601HW
mustNo. of portable Wi-Fi required pcs
※The plan beginning date is automatically set at two days from today if you select the plan for one, three and six months.
Please select your starting date if you prefer another date.
mustPlan starts on YY MM DD
※The same date as the machine arrives
※Please let us know in the Contact us blank if you require the plan to start tomorrow.
mustPlan ends on YY MM DD
※The minimum rental period starts from two days.
※The ending date is automaatically inputed for one, three and six month plans.
【The fee for connection】
mustSafety Insurance
[ » What is the Safety insurance for missing service?
mustSpare battery
[ » What is the Spare battery?
Shipping fee (including pick-up and return) JPY
※Shipping fee is fixed at JPY1,080 for all over Japan! (applicable for multiple machines)
※Shipping fee is waived for usage of 7 days or more.
【Total price】 JPY ← Price including transportation fee
mustName of applicant
mustMailing address

※Please put the address where you stay in Japan.
(Please use half-width numbers)
mustPhone Number
muste-mail address
mustPlease confirm the inputed information
※You will not be able to confirm the application if you have the wrong e-mail address.
mustMethod of picking
For usage less than 7 days, a shipping fee of JPY 1,080 will occur.
※You may not pick up your machine at the airport for reservation made on the same day of departure.
【Credit card information】
mustChoose a card
※No debit card and prepaid cards allowed.
※We only accpet cards that are usable in Japan.
mustCard No. - - -
mustName of holder
mustValid to MM-YY
Contact us