With short-term rental plans starting at
as little as ¥200 per day, you won’t miss
anything while you travel – thanks to
Pocket WiFi from Global Mobile.

Please click here if you would like to extend the rental period.


  • Large Data Usage

    High data use in a
    short period may
    affect transfer speeds

  • Connectivity

    Connect up to 5
    devices at once

  • Ultra High Speed

    4G LTE – Download at
    up to 612Mbps!

  • Battery Life

    Up to 8* hours of
    continuous use and 850*
    hours in standby mode
    *Approximate times

  • Touch Screen

    Easy to use interface available in English


  • Model

    Pocket WiFi 601HW

  • Data transfer speed

    4G LTE – 612 Mbps
    maximum download

  • Dimensions

    104mm (width)
    60mm (height)
    18.3mm (depth)

  • Battery Life*

    Approx. 8 hours of
    continuous usage

  • Standby Time*

    Approx. 850 hours

  • Connections

    Up to 5 devices at once

  • Issuing company

    SoftBank Corp.

*Battery life depends on location, amount of use, settings, etc.

Price plans

  • Daily Plan

    Fixed Price:
    ¥480 per day*

    2 days or more

    Rental fee for the device is free

    The shipping fee ¥1,100 (including return shipment. The fee will be waived for usage more than seven days.

  • Monthly

    1 month: ¥6,000
    (¥200 a day)

    Extend your rental for only¥200 per day

    3 months for 10% off (JPY 5,400 per month incl. tax)
    6 months for 15% off (JPY 5,100 per month incl. tax)

    Rental fee for the device is free


    Spare battery
    ¥100 per day**

    Safety Insurance
    ¥200 per day***

*The rental fee will be calculated by the total number of days used, including the first and last day of use. If you will use the router for more than 13 days, we recommend the monthly plan.

**Spare Battery
A mobile charging pack (Richiumon 5400) with which you can easily charge both your smartphone and the Pocket WiFi while out and about – no worrying about dead batteries! Can be used for up to 5 hours.

***Safety Insurance
Our safety insurance will cover 50% of penalty charges in case of damage, loss or theft of either the device or the battery charger.

 With InsuranceWithout Insurance
Theft, loss or damage of the device:¥20,000¥40,000
Loss or damage of battery charger¥1,500¥3,000
Loss or damage of adapter or USB cable¥500¥1,000


To apply for a SoftBank Pocket WiFi router please click on the button below and fill out the application form on the next page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • It is very easy for me to use good speed (30’s male)
  • I connected Four devices, at a time and the speed didn’t drop at all. That was amazing! (20’s female)
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